Code of Cunduct

Code of Conduct

The following Code of Conduct is for parents, coaches, players, and referees to follow. Voorheesville Basketball Club Board will make any final decisions related to violations of these provisions.

  1. COACHES - Acceptable Standards of Coaching Behavior include:
  • Set a good example for players and fans to follow, exemplifying the highest moral and ethical behavior;
  • Respect the judgment of the officials, abide by game rules;
  • Treat opposing coaches, players, and fans with respect; shake hands after the game;
  • Instruct players in sportsmanship and have them display good sportsmanship;
  • Coach in a positive manner.
  1. PLAYERS - Acceptable Standards of Player Behavior include:
  • Treat opponents with respect; shake hands after the game;
  • Respect the judgment of officials and abide by the rules of the game;
  • Accept seriously the responsibility of representing the club by displaying positive behavior at all times;
  • Play in a positive manner.
  1. SPECTATORS - Acceptable Standards of Spectator Behavior include:
  • Remember that the players are children and are playing for their enjoyment, not yours;
  • Respect decisions made by the officials;
  • Be a role model by positively supporting teams and by not shouting instructions or criticism to the players, coaches, or officials. Do not coach from the stands;
  • Make no derogatory comments or gestures to players, coaches, other spectators, officials, or league administrators.
  1. GAME CLOCK & SCORE BOOK VOLUNTEERS - Acceptable Standards of Scoring Volunteer Behavior include:
  • Remain neutral and only interact with referees upon request (e.g. - game rule situations; number of team fouls, etc.);
  • Do not interact with either team unless requested to do so (e.g. – coach asks for number of time outs left, how many fouls by a player, etc.);
  • Do not coach from the scorer’s table;
  • Make no derogatory comments or gestures to players, coaches, parents, officials, or league administrators.
  1. USE OF SOCIAL MEDIA – Acceptable Standards of using Social Media include:
  • All comments, notes or photos posted on social media sites in relation to Voorheesville Basketball Club, Inc. (“VBC”) and its members are to be constructive or positive in their nature.
  • Always ensure that you – parents, children, coaches and referees - do not post material that is vulgar, obscene, defamatory, threatening, harassing, discriminatory or hateful.
  • Be respectful at all times on social media. You are expected to show the same respect and regard for people that you would when playing, officiating, or attending a basketball game.
  • Do not use social media to be critical of teammates, coaches, officials, administrators, volunteers or spectators. Negative comments and images, bullying, criticism and sexist remarks can be dangerous and harmful to people’s wellbeing and reputation and the image of individuals and Voorheesville Basketball Club.
  • Always assume the person you are talking or writing about will see what has been said or written. Ensure all comments are factually correct.
  • Use social media as a positive outlet to promote players, teammates, teams, clubs and others involved in basketball.