Opportunities for volunteers


Volunteer to be head coach or assistant coach of one of our basketball teams from Kindergarten through Eighth Grade. Voorheesville Basketball Club will work with volunteer coaches to help create practice plans. Being a coach gives you an opportunity to impact the lives of kids in our community.

Referees for our House League

Our rec house league takes place at the Voorheesville Elementary School large gym. This league has 3rd and 4th grade co-ed teams playing against other co-ed teams who are part of the Voorheesville Basketball Club’s house program.

Referees will call fouls and call whenever the rules are not followed (travel, double dribble, etc.). At this level, the referees are helping the players learn the rules.

Keeping the Basketball Scorebook for Home Travel Games

The scorebook operator is responsible for tracking the running score, fouls, and timeouts in a book. Two points for every made basket and 1 point for made free throw. For those games with a 3 point line, three points for every made basket from behind the 3 point line.

Mark off time outs for each team as they are charged by the referee.

When a player commits a personal foul, the ref will identify the team (color) and number of the player committing the foul. The score keeper needs to check each foul as they accumulate against the players. When a player accumulates the 5th personal foul, he/she has fouled out and the referee and other coach must be notified.

Note: For every personal foul, a team foul is recorded. When the 7th and 10th team foul are recorded, the referee needs to be notified.

Operating the Scoreboard for Home Travel Games

The scoreboard operator is responsible for operating the game clock and keeping score on the scoreboard. The operator will stop the clock at every “dead ball” and during time outs. A dead ball is when a foul has been committed and called by the referee, a foul shot has been attempted and another one has yet to be attempted, or the ball has gone out of bounds.

The operator will record every point on the scoreboard – whether 1, 2, or 3 points.

Working Concessions/Admissions at Home Travel Games

Volunteers will oversee the admissions/concessions tables for home travel games – which will take place at the Voorheesville High School/Middle School gyms. This means the volunteer will accept the cost of admission from each person (except coaches and players for the game being played; they get in free!). They will sell the food and drinks at the table with the pre-designated prices.

If you need additional details or would like to apply for one of the positions, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us.

Senor Year Community Service Hours

Voorheesville High School requires each student to provide a minimum of 15 hours of community service during his/her senior year. By volunteering to keep the scorebook, operate the scoreboard, work admissions/concessions, and refereeing for Voorheesville Basketball Club, Inc. all qualify towards a senior’s 15 hours of community service.

Please consider donating your time today and making an impact on youth basketball in our community!